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Don Rafael World Tour Sampler Cigar Sampler Boston's Cigar Shop

Don Rafael World Tour Sampler

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Don Rafael is coming in hot, ready to please cigar enthusiasts across the globe. From Turkey to Brazil, from a spring break in Mexico all the way back to the good ol' U.S. of A., Don Rafael has crafted six unique blends to highlight the world's greatest tobacco growing regions. The profiles and flavors vary wildly on each of these, but whichever selection you go with, you're guaranteed a flavor bomb that shows off all of blend master Jose Dominguez's skills. 

Capacity: 20 Cigars

The Don Rafael World Tour Sampler includes:

2- Don Rafael Italia (5.5"x50)

2- Don Rafael Brasil (5.5"x50)

2- Don Rafael USA (5.5"x50)

2- Don Rafael Turqia (5.5"x50)

2- Don Rafael Ecuador (5.5"x50)

2- Don Rafael Mexico (5.5"x50)