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JM's Nicaraguan Maduro Toro

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Box of 50 (6"x50)

Give these a try and you’ll be singing the praises of JM’s Nicaraguan cigars. These cigars are handmade Cuban sandwich blends hailing from Esteli, Nicaragua and consist of well-aged Nicaraguan tobaccos inside your choice of flavorful wrappers. JM’s Nicaraguan are perfect for a day on the links, handing out to your buddies, or just kickin back for a relaxing stogie. These beauts are tasty, priced to move, and one of the best everyday sticks out there.
Maduro - Medium-bodied, creamy and smooth throughout with hints of nuts and chocolate. 

Shape: Toro

Wrapper: Maduro, San Andres

Origin: Dominican Republic

Filler: Nicarguan

Flavor: Medium, Creamy, Nuts and Chocolate