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Boston's Cigar Shop Coffee Infused Man O' War Special-Edition Figurado

Man O' War Special-Edition Figurado

Boston's Cigar Shop
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Box of 5 (7.1"x58)

This thing is stunning, positively gorgeous. But underneath the velvet glove is a hammer, a robust medium-full recipe of aged Cuban-seed Nicaraguan long-fillers which unleashes a bold bouquet for the senses. The opening is robust, with heavy spice and wood undertones, developing a chewy, velvety-smooth core of oak and earth which coats the palate, leaving behind a sweet array of spices. A variety of understated nuances come and go throughout the burn, including coffee, cocoa bean, and a touch of vanilla. Man O' War is simply incredible.

Shape: Figurado

Wrapper: Ecuador Habano

Origin: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaraguan

Flavor: Medium, Spice, Wood, Oak, Earth, Sweet Spice, Coffee, Cocoa Bean and Vanilla