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Cu-Avana Punisher Jalapeno Popper

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Pack of 10 (4"x52)

Punisher is for seasoned lovers of the glorious tobacco weed. To those not converted to the sublime righteousness of ligero and high-priming tobaccos it will be the devil’s brew. If this is you: run, do not walk, in the opposite direction. Even stout men will be overwhelmed with its pure, undiluted, concentration of spice. Punisher is crafted for the minority, the insatiable ligero lovers. The juxtaposition of deep, dense flavors, searing spice, and classical construction deliver a righteous blend with layer after layer of sand-pounding, toe-curling, full-bodied power. The lips will burn. The head will swim. The tummy will ache. The eyes will warm. Sweat will collect. The heat will render you prone. Ligero-loving converts: this is a feature, not a bug. Nothing short of a religious experience. Unlike any other. The proof is in the box.

Shape: Perfecto

Wrapper: Habano

Origin: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaraguan

Flavor: Medium