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Isla del Sol Maduro by Drew Estate Breve Coffee Infused Boston's Cigar Shop

Isla del Sol Maduro by Drew Estate Breve

Boston's Cigar Shop
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Pack of 50 (4"x32)

So how does the original Isla del Sol get better? Add in a dark, oily maduro wrapper to the already tasty mix-fill Nicaraguan blend that is carefully infused with the enticing nuances of premium, Sumatran Mandheling Bean Coffee. Add in the lightly sweetened cap, and you got a rich and hearty busting at the seams with notes of cocoa, spice, and – of course – coffee. The folks at Drew Estate have done it again!  

Shape: Cigarillos

Wrapper: Maduro

Origin: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaraguan

Flavor: Sweet Coffee Infused